Our Story

Willi’s Kitchen started back in 2017 and has since grown to be a local favourite within the Wellington community. A husband and wife team with a young family, we started the business to fulfill our dream and passion for food.


William was the Head Chef at The Library for 3 years, and Sous Chef at Chow 3 years prior to that. It has definitely been an advantage for us that William’s work experience and ethic now allows us to bring the best balanced menu we can offer to our customers, as well as offering a huge range of Vegan friendly sweet treats to our customers with special dietary requirements.

Our mission is to bring non-vegan and vegan customers together, and try to find the most creative ways for everyone to enjoy and understand the beauty of food. The majority of our vegan menu items were created to be almost identical to the original. For us the most important principle is to create delicious food either vegan or non-vegan for everyone to enjoy, and change the mindset towards Vegan food.

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